Dear Reader,

The NBS world is dynamic and in continuous evolution, and so is URBAN GreenUP! Our project has successfully achieved the objectives set for the past months. The tendering process for the installation of the NBS is progressing very well and in the next months you will see them pop up in our Front-runner cities. Green façades, walls and roofs, floating gardens, parklets, urban forests, pollinator modules, sustainable urban drainage systems and more: the re-naturalisation has started, the transition towards bio-cities is happening!

On top of that, over the past two years URBAN GreenUP has become an acknowledged player in the NBS ecosystem. One example? The First World Forum on Urban Forests, hosted one year ago by our Follower City of Mantua. During the event we set the scene for the launch of the NBS Manifesto, which is available for everyone to sign it and hence foster the worldwide uptake of NBS. We have already collected many signatures, but the more we have, the better. If you haven’t done it already, please let me we invite you to sign the Manifesto and spread the word among your friends and colleagues, as big changes can only happen when everyone is on board!

But now let’s take a breath, rewind the tape and have a look at what happened in the URBAN GreenUP world over the past months.

Enjoy your reading!

Raúl Sánchez
URBAN GreenUP coordinator
CARTIF Technology Center

Our NBS stories

Renaturing cities: good for health and the economy

Nature has historically been a ‘blind spot’ for urban planners. Spatial analyst Thami Croeser reveals how many cities are bringing it back into their spaces, with innovative nature-based solutions to tackle the effects of climate change and air pollution

Sexism also exists in botany

An increase in allergies associated with pollen may be a self-inflicted wound caused by our preference for male plants, hence the need to assess better the allergenic potential of green spaces

Climate change: trees to the rescue

Fighting climate change is the challenge of the century. Researchers think one weapon to use is something that could actually make cities much more beautiful and pleasant: this weapon is nature itself

Towards elections: which future for EU-backed nature-based solutions (NBS)?

The EU has heavily invested in projects to renature cities. After the European elections, a new executive will head the EU. What will happen to the NBS policy?

News From the Project
Designing the future where everything begun

The URBAN GreenUP consortium gathered in Valladolid (Spain), the city where the project was launched in June 2017. The goal was to discuss the work done so far and get ready for the next project stage

Municipal plan to install green awnings this year with 1.5 million investment

The City Council of Valladolid is negotiating with El Corte Inglés the installation of a plant wall on the facade of one of its buildings.

Liverpool’s St Johns Shopping Centre set for striking new green wall

An innovative giant living wall, part of a global effort to increase green space in city centres, has been approved by Liverpool City Council.

New green areas to enjoy in Izmir

A number of parklets have been installed throughout the Turkish city. The goal? Better air and life quality for citizens

European Business and Nature Summit

European Business and Nature Summit

The European Business and Nature Summit is a regional stepping stone in the global run to strengthen the role of businesses in supporting nature conservation and its sustainable use.

CITIES Forum 2020

CITIES Forum 2020     

The "CITIES Forum 2020 – together we shape a sustainable urban future" is a two-day major event of the European Commission bringing together key stakeholders from European, national and local levels.

Cooperation Manifesto