is a EU-funded project which aims at developing, applying and validating a methodology for Renaturing Urban Plans to mitigate the effects of climate change, improve air quality and water management and increase the sustainability of our cities through innovative nature-based solutions.

Urban GreenUP Project Results
Discover some of the NBS in our Frontrunners cities


Nature-based solutions are at the heart of URBAN GreenUP Renaturing Urban Plans. These are grouped into four complementary categories.


Three runner cities regenerating their urban environment with nature-based-solutions will demonstrate and validate the URBAN GreenUP methodology. Five follower will enhance the replication potential at European and international level.


50 tons of CO2 absorbed each year and lower summer temperatures by 3 to 5 oC. How? With 5000 new trees along a 10 km long cycle and pedestrian route.

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Needing smart soils to improve tree stability, water storage and pollutant filtration? Liverpool has two ideas for that: biochar and tree pits for sustainable urban drainage.


Ever heard of green infrastructure? Those in Valladolid will clean the air, improve biodiversity and the citizens’ welfare!

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URBAN GreenUP is creating a Network of Cities interested in fighting against climate change through nature-based solutions.

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Back to nature: how green solutions are reshaping city landscapes

Some cities in Europe are embracing nature-based solutions to make life for residents more pleasant and sustainable – and these innovative approaches serve as a model for urban environments elsewhere

Back to nature: how green solutions are reshaping city landscapes