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In this difficult period, after two years of fighting the pandemic and now with an ongoing war that also involves Europe, we want to seek comfort and answers in Nature. URBAN GreenUP has been running for almost five years and we are proud to share our latest results with you. 

In the past months our Frontrunner cities have finalized the implementation of most of the planned NBS. One of the most impressive is the Peynircio─člu Stream Ecological Corridor, right at the heart of Izmir. It’s a 10-acre green belt near the city centre boasting almost 5,000 trees, fruit walls, green fences, and technical solutions making Izmir more resilient to heatwaves, droughts and flooding. Want to have a look? Then check out our dedicated Video News Release

But the other NBS we have implemented in Valladolid, Liverpool and Izmir are equally interesting! No need to worry if you cannot fly to the three cities to check out the solutions in person. You can discover many of them in our series of three webinars.

And if you are a policymaker, an architect or a city planner wanting to implement NBS in your city but unsure about how to do so, take a few minutes to browse our Good Practices kit, where you will find a set of recommendations that cover all the stages of NBS implementation.

Stay tuned because we are ready to release many other resources about our work with NBS in the next weeks!

We would like our Frontrunner and Follower cities and the creation of a network of more than 20 other cities ready to welcome nature and work together to be an example for a future of sustainable peace.

Best wishes and stay safe!

Raúl Sánchez

URBAN GreenUP coordinator
CARTIF Technology Center



Good Practices Kit

Good Practices Kit

We have published a kit with good practices and recommendations to help city administrations, urbanists, city planners and architects implement Nature-based solutions (NBS) in their cities.