Dear Reader,

One year has past since we launched URBAN GreenUP in June 2017. How are we doing? Very well, as you can read in this second issue of our project's newsletter! First of all, we are glad to present URBAN GreenUP's NBS catalogue, which outlines the solutions we are implementing to fight climate change and improve cities' livability. And after browsing it, get ready for a taste of URBAN GreenUP meeting in Liverpool, our participation in the BY&FOR CITIZENS Conference, and of what has been going on recently in our fellow cities and in the NBS world.

Always with a look to the future, as one important event is already in sight: the first World Forum on Urban Forests, hosted by our follower city of Mantua where Nature-Based Solutions will be the one of the core topics. 

Enjoy your reading!


News from the project

Designing greener cities in the hometown of the Beatles

The URBAN GreenUP consortium met in Liverpool from the 10th to the 12th of July 2018 to discuss the results achieved in the past six months

The URBAN GreenUP catalogue of Nature-Based solutions is now public

The document provides a detailed description of the green urban interventions implemented by the project

Tackling the barriers that keep nature off the cities

The URBAN GreenUP analysis on obstacles hampering the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions and the related countermeasures is now available

Putting citizens at the core of more liveable cities

People’s central role for developing sustainable cities was discussed at the BY&FORCITIZENS conference in Valladolid from the 20th to the 21st of September 2018

News from our cities

In the spotlight: Liverpool

URBAN GreenUP in Cities Alive

A contribution from Mersey Forest, member of the URBAN GreenUP Consortium, has been included in the report Cities Alive: Water for People


World Forum on Urban Forests - Mantova 2018

28 November – 1 December 2018  Mantova, Italy

From the NBS world

Nature-based solutions are the real climate-resilient route to water security

As can be expected in Silicon Valley, technology has taken center stage as the solution for the world’s problems – including climate change.

Nature-based solutions are key to achieving Europe’s ambitious climate change targets

Nature is a powerful ally in tackling climate change. Yet it does not receive the attention it deserves in the debate about how to accomplish a transition towards a zero net emission society.